Bespoke Services

If you would like to commission a handmade and exclusively designed piece of jewellery from me, then please send me an email. We can discuss your needs, the style and the materials until we have enough information for me to prepare various design drawings of our proposed creation.

It helps if you have an idea of what you want or better still, a drawing or photograph that represents the style you like. I expect to make adjustments to these early ideas before we are confident that I have the right design for you. Once the design has been agreed, I will give you an estimate of the costs involved and the time it will take to make. This is a tried and tested way to achieve our goal within your budget.

  • Remodeling
  • Valuations
  • Insurance Replacements
  • Bespoke Items

Recycling Your Old Jewellery

I can make use of your original metal by melting it down and working it into your new design, adding material as necessary and utilising the original gemstones.

This is a great way of using old or broken items, and it cuts down the cost of your commission.